Monday, August 28, 2006

How Things Are Going

On Friday we had a two-hour long evaluation for D-boy at Children's Hospital's Autism Center. We've done things like this before but this time feels like it might put us on the right track.

D-boy stayed up until 3:41 on Friday night and 4:05 on Saturday. Last night he woke up briefly for a drink but went back to sleep, granting me a whopping six and a half hours of sleep.

My Saturday schedule is NKU from 9 to 1, then the deli from 3 to 11. I'm heading for the grave but I have to maintain enough hours to keep health insurance.

D-girl started a study at Children's Hospital called "Growing Up Female." It's geared for young girls with a family history of breast cancer (both her grandmothers had it). I think it's a great study but the name's a little funny.

With NKU and the kids' school starting (D-boy doesn't go until September 11), it looks like I'll have a little free time soon. I'm so glad summer is almost over.