Thursday, September 09, 2004

Really Bad Day

Had all sorts of things planned today. Thought I might actually get a chance to stop by Wes's office. It was supposed to be the first day orientation at my daughter's school. I was supposed to have two classes.

My tire went flat, completely off the rim flat. Somehow my jack was gone. My AAA membership was lapsed. After an hour's wait, my dad showed up. We drove to the shopping paradise of K-Mart and bought a new jack. My car was too low for it to work. We got another jack. The car was too low for it too but we could jack up the back end so the front raised just enough to squeeze the smaller jack under. The hubcap was rusted on the rim. Finally got it off. Got the spare on. The spare was flat.

For the first time in my life I had to cancel a class. My daughter had to miss her first day of school. I was scheduled for a new car this month but my wife wrecked hers, so I'm driving the same 12-year old piece of crap.

I wish I had a horse.

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