Monday, October 16, 2006

100 Below

The only good thing about the Bengals losing yesterday is that it's another jab at Mike Brown (looks like the webmaster hasn't updated for a while but the forum's still moving).

At one point the Bengals were something like 66-150 under Mike Brown, meaning that one 0-16 season would put him at 100 more losses than wins. Other than the Washington Generals, has any other team been 100 games under?

Is there any other human being who could not have managed the Yankees to the playoffs this year except for Mike Brown?

A student in class tonight mentioned that she was born in 1989--she's lived in a Paul Brown-less Cincinnati all her life. I guess the she's-never-seen-a-decent-season-prior-to-last pity I had for her almost made up for the damn-I-feel-old I felt for myself.

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