Friday, April 23, 2004

Long Ramble

One of my students is writing her research paper on the significance of the music of Stevie Wonder. I was skeptical at first but her rough draft included lyrics of his songs that I never dreamed existed. I can't tell how they sound but they had a sense of substance far beyond any of his pop love songs. I mentioned to her that Ebony and Ivory was just included in the 50 worst rock songs. She blamed Paul.

This transitions to:

Just read that Paul is doing voice-overs for cartoons in The Music and Animation Collection. One of the cartoons apparently features a
"vegan=good" message, prompting an interviewer to remark to Paul: "Hunters won't be buying this for the kids." Paul replies, "But hunters' wives will, to get the guys to stop it."

No matter where you stand on meat (I usually do in front of the fridge), hunting, or whatever else might apply, don't you have to admit that's the most vapid statement he could make? (Okay, maybe not but it's up there.)

Not only does Paul assume that all hunters are married men (which is probably not far off) but that their wives oppose it. Guess when you get royalty checks from half a dozen ad campaigns, you don't have consider that hunting might put food on the table. Sure, Paul's said stupider things but that's the first one I saw today.

Yes, she was right. Paul, not Stevie, was to blame.

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