Thursday, April 22, 2004

My Sitcom Moment

Cecil Adams comments on the sitcom-motif of hitting your head and getting amnesia. Although he's skeptical of it, something along these lines did happen to me.

I think it was during my sophomore year of high school (and two decades of drinking doesn't exactly help that blow to the head), I was goofing around when I should have been doing homework. After leaning back on the hind legs of my chair, I started tossing a combination lock towards the ceiling, seeing how close I could get without hitting it. It was a big lock, bigger than a Master lock, and since I wasn't allowed to use it on my school locker, I had no other use for it but to throw it at the ceiling.

After 30 or 40 times of this, my mom called me for some reason. I turned my head, realized I shouldn't have, then looked back up to see the lock about a quarter-inch from my head. It didn't knock me out but it hurt like hell and raised a lump and a bruise.

The next day at school I realized that my watch was off. It was one of those incredibly dorky digital watches of the 80s that marked the day as well as time. It was a Monday but the watch said Wednesday. I reset it and didn't think much of it. After a few dozen weird incidents, at the end of the day I realized that it really was Wednesday and that I'd just lost 48 hours.

When I knew what had happened, my memories began slowly oozing back. Oddly enough, I never forgot getting hit by the lock, just what had happened the two days before it. I didn't remember like you do when you realize "Shit! It's the wife's birthday!" but slowly, bit by bit. I've never experienced any sort of memory loss or recollection like it before or since.

It wasn't really like a sitcom. I didn't forget my name or anything like that but it's a good reminder against incurring brain damage. If I'd really been trained as a spy or witnessed aliens or Satanic worship, those memories never resurfaced. . . yet.


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