Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Not to Rub It In. . .

The Cincinnati Enquirer just reported the Cincinnati Public Schools received their highest rating ever of "continuous improvement" (the third of five categories). That's great news but some people are acting like problems are over.

When the Forest Hills School District missed the top rating (by one-tenth of one percent in one category), they went out of their heads to push themselves back up.

I (and a million other people) had to go to Nagel Middle School orientation today, for students with last names A to L. If CPS could do something like that and get students prepared BEFORE classes start, they'd sky-rocket.

Good news that was overlooked by the papers is that CPS enrollment is down to 38,818. That's an unbelievable drop compared to just a few years ago. With fewer students, it ought to be easier to manage. It's scary but the local Catholic school system has far more students than CPS.

CPS might try a new slogan: "Our buildings are crumbling but 100% pedophile priest-free!"

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