Sunday, August 07, 2005

Still Breathing

I'm counting days until NKU starts back again. It's been a long, long summer.

D-boy is still running amok. On Friday we went to the Oakley and Hyde Park libraries and D-girl checked out another Maisy book. On the way home, she began screaming--D-boy had opened the window and was about to throw the book out. I tried to shut the window but it was too late.

If you're familiar with Beechmont Avenue, this was just after the Columbia Parkway overpass so there was no place to turn around for almost a mile. I've been on Beechmont millions of times but I never noticed that the way the road rises by Lunken Airport, you can't see the cars coming towards you if you're on foot in the middle of the fast lane.

The book and I survived and a few minutes later D-boy fell asleep. Of course, he woke up by the time we got home.

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