Saturday, September 17, 2005

Deli Update

Ron just made me remember a couple of the stupid things that happened in the deli.

A third employee since mid-May went into a berserk screaming fit and quit/was fired. The one before this was the 19-year old who couldn't tell time ("I can tell time but not from those kinds [analog] of clocks.") She was also the one who had her crack dealer come to the store and threaten her for owing $300. She is expecting a baby in the next couple of months. Neither she or the father have any sort of legal employment.

Another employee had a "mini-stroke" on the job but was back working within a few days. Another just had surgery and will be out for the next few weeks. Another lost her dentures while waiting on a customer.

Over in the produce department, a customer began to shout at an elderly deaf mute employee over a question about celery. When another worker explained that the old woman could not hear or speak, the customer responded, "Then why did they hire her?" Again, the PRODUCE department with a job description of stacking and sorting vegetables. I think we can all agree that putting her in customer service would be an abuse of the ADA but I'd think paying her own way and not living off the government is a good thing. Maybe that's just me.

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