Saturday, September 17, 2005


Actually my computer is up and running. I'm the one with the virus.

Big news is that right after I made my last post two weeks ago, I went home and found that my stepdaughter got in an argument with her mom and ran away.

My instincts were to give her a few hours and she'd be back but my wife went out searching for her and had me call the police.

An officer came by and took information about her but, before we'd finished, guess who was at the door?

He grilled her a little which seemed to help. Things have been calm since then but considering she's only 12 now, it should be an exciting six years.

My home computer is running again but I didn't get much of a chance to use it. The kids picked up a stomach virus that they both got over in a couple days. I've had it for nine days now and it's still going strong. On the bright side, at least I lost some weight.

D-boy and D-girl started the Early Childhoold program at Mercer Elementary this Monday. Other than losing his backpack on Tuesday (found on the bus on Wednesday), nothing major to report. It would be a great three hour break if I didn't have to spend it all in the bathroom.

UC is starting this week. I'm teaching two classes at Nagel Middle School, fairly close to my house. Last fall, they offered classes at Anderson High School--within a few quarters, I'll get moved to a day-care center.

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