Monday, July 17, 2006

Not As Bad As I Thought

Well, the ultrasound went almost supernaturally well. The tech said he was the best patient she saw all day. That was after waiting (translate--running wildly) from 12:25 to 3:10. You'd think if a kid was tearing the waiting room apart, they'd actually page the appropriate doctor. My wife took a half day without pay and only God knows how much of the three hours was wasted because the receptionists kept calling the wrong people. The ultrasound tech said that she could have seen us much earlier but she was never notified.

The kidney/hell test was rough. Lots of screaming and crying plus a catheter and high doses of radiation. When he finally got through it, he was supposed to give a urine sample but he refused for the better part of an hour. Finally they gave up and we have to hope that it won't be necessary to do it again.

It should be a few days before the results are finished. I should have some sort of a life by that time, I hope.

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