Monday, November 06, 2006

Devilboy Feeling Fine

This morning D-boy woke early and wanted to eat. He pulled out a pack of hotdogs from the fridge and cried for candy. Most mornings he won't touch a bite but today he wasn't allowed anything before surgery. I couldn't find the itinerary or the map to the Mason hospital so I did a frantic last minute search on Map Quest.

I got there quicker than I expected. D-boy forgot about food and played with the hospital toys. They gave him a quick physical. The anesthesia comes in different flavors now: grape, bubble gum, orange, and a few others. I picked bubble gum.

He went under pretty quickly and I only had to wait 15 minutes before the doctor came to the waiting room. He explained everything and said I should be able to go back in another ten to 15 minutes. It was more than 20 before they got me. The normally ever-awake Devilboy was still out. Yes, Karl Marx must have loved religion to compare it to an opiate.

The sutures look stomach-churningly sickening but he didn't seem to mind. He woke up as I changed him back to his clothes but fell asleep on the ride back home.

He threw up once but then kept down two hotdogs and juice. No baths for another five days but everything else looks peachy.

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