Saturday, November 18, 2006

Stan Chick/Jack Lee

You know those moronic religious comic books that jackasses leave under the windshield wiper of your car? Imagine if the king of comics lent a hand:

What If Stan Lee wrote Jack Chick Comics?

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Anonymous said...

I actually get the Republican comics stuck beneath my windshield (not by subscription mind you, but due to my bumper sticker collection). You know, Gore is president and the Right has been forced underground. Sean Hannity is a Howard Stern-like voice defending all that is good and conservative. I must admit that they are pretty funny. Not nearly as funny as the $4 someone spent to bring it to my attention, but funny nonetheless.

I came across your blog bc I just started at a Kroger Deli, even though I am in grad school and was supposed to grow up to do something better with myself. I feel your pain Mark. I don't know when I will get used to the putrid stench of all that meat or the endless barrage of bizarre characters that filter through that joint.

A story: There was this guy named Marty who worked graveyard-shift at a Kinkos, while by day he was a mild-mannered freelance writer and smalltime zine publisher. The Chicago Times picked up his little zine that could and today you can find it in pretty glossy print in stores near you. Keep the faith...