Monday, July 12, 2004

Library List

Things I have checked out from the library:

Maisy Cleans Up, Lucy Cousins (daughter loves Maisy)
F for Fake, VHS (Found the damn thing but haven't watched it yet)
Wiggle Time, VHS (The Wiggles were an unsuccessful Australian band until they hit on the idea of playing for kids. Not nearly as annoying as it might sound.)
Dora the Explorer: Christmas Special, VHS (I delude myself by thinking that they might learn Spanish.)
Bob the Builder: Bob's White Christmas, VHS
The Wiggles' Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas, VHS (Yes, another Christmas special.)
Maisy Goes Camping, Lucy Cousins (More fun with Eddie the elephant.)
Myth: Myths and Legends of the Ancient World, Kenneth McLeish (One of the best mythology books I've seen.)
Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud (Great book. I'll review it soon.)
Movies that Changed Us, Nick Clooney
Undersea City: A Story of a Coral Reef, Dana Meachen (Science book to go with Maisy)
Eating the Alphabet, Lois Ehlert
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, William Steig (His other donkey story.)
Maisy's Rainbow Dream, Lucy Cousins (What's really sad is that we already own a million Maisy books.)
Dave Barry is not Making This Up, Ayn Rand (No, actually Dave Barry wrote it. It's at least vaguely readable. A student used this for his book review.)
Amazing Bone, William Steig
Tenacity of the Cockroach, the Onion A.V. Club (Read this book.)
Cities Ranked and Rated (I'll review this eventually.)
The Pursuit of Poetry, Louis Untermeyer (I taught three semesters of Intro. to Lit. without knowing a damn thing about poetry.)
Teach Yourself Latin (For a macaronic poem I'm trying to write.)
The Demon-Haunted World, Carl Sagan (First time I've read it.)

Nothing really subversive at all (except maybe the Onion). Maybe Ashcroft's file on me will go down to yellow.

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