Saturday, September 30, 2006

Library List

There's an "autism expo" at a local church today so I'm not sticking around my office hours the whole time (the doors at NKU aren't locked but no one has stopped by so far this semester). Looks like 32 hours at the deli this week. Up until 3:35 last night with a 9:00 class this morning.

I've got a lot in mind to post soon but until then, here's my library list (50 items):-

Devilboy’s Shark Books
Little Shark. Rockwell, Anne F.
Sharks : Voracious Hunters of the Sea. Sánchez Sánchez, Isidro.
Sharks and Rays : underwater predators. Sharth, Sharon.
Sharks. Evert, Laura
Great White Sharks. Markle, Sandra.
Great White Sharks. Levine, Marie.
Scary Sharks. Landau, Elaine.
Great White Shark / in danger of extinction! Spilsbury, Richard
Shark. MacQuitty, Miranda.
Giant Shark : megalodon, prehistoric super predator Arnold, Caroline.
Sharks. Resnick, Jane Parker.
All about Sharks. Arnosky, Jim.

Devilboy’s Other Books
Deadly Reptiles. Solway, Andrew.
Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises. Carwardine, Mark.
Owls. Gibbons, Gail.
Octopuses. Hirschi, Ron.

Devilgirl’s Scooby Doo Books
Valentine's Day Dognapping. Herman, Gail
The Christmas Cookie Case. Barbo, Maria S.
The Catnapped Caper. Barbo, Maria S.

Devilgirl’s Other Books
I Can Read with My Eyes Shut. Dr. Seuss
Barbie: Star for a Day : a picture scrapbook. Miller, Mona.
Halloween. Rosinsky, Natalie M.
Dinosaur roar! Stickland, Paul
Boo! to You, Too!
Mouse Paint. Walsh, Ellen Stoll.
Hello Kitty, hello Halloween!
PhD phantasy degree. Son, Hee-Joon.

Kids’ Videos
Pokémon. 3, Charizard [videorecording]
InuYasha [videorecording]
InuYasha [videorecording]
Pokémon advanced battle. Volume 1, Gaining Groudon [videorecording]
InuYasha [videorecording]
Miracle of Mozart [videorecording] : teaching your child—ABCs

Kids’ CDs
Here come the ABCs [sound recording] They Might Be Giants (Musical group)
Cold spaghetti western [sound recording]
Wiggles Playhouse Disney [sound recording]

My Books
Right, Wrong, and Risky : a Dictionary of Today's American English Usage. Davidson, Mark
Life as We Do Not Know It : the NASA search for (and synthesis of) alien life. Ward, Peter Douglas
Shakespeare in the Movies: from the silent era to Shakespeare in love. Brode, Douglas,
Writing Metrical Poetry : contemporary lessons for mastering traditional forms. Baer, William
Faust, a tragedy : backgrounds and sources : the author on the drama, contemporary reactions, modern criticism. Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
Questions of Possibility : contemporary poetry and poetic form. Caplan, David
Shakespeare. Wood, Michael
Reel v. real : how Hollywood turns fact into fiction Sanello, Frank.
The Doomsday book of animals. Day, David
Encyclopedia of Artists
Myths & Legends of the Polynesians. Andersen, Johannes Carl
The Poetry Dictionary. Drury, John.
A History of the Devil : from the middle ages to the present. Muchembled, Robert
The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life. Haines, Tim.

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