Thursday, October 21, 2004

Library List

I haven't done this for a while but just to let you know where all the Maisy books from the library are ending up:

Kids' Books
What are you doing, Maisy? Cousins, Lucy.
Where are you going, Maisy?, Cousins, Lucy
What are you doing, Maisy?, Cousins, Lucy (Yes, we have two copies checked out)
Count with Maisy , Cousins, Lucy.
Maisy's fire engine, Cousins, Lucy.
Maisy drives , Cousins, Lucy.
My many colored days , Seuss, Dr.
The toy brother, Steig, William
Caleb & Kate, Steig, William
Little cloud , Carle, Eric.
The big book of beautiful babies : board book , Ellwand, David.
Mouse paint,Walsh, Ellen Stoll
Bumposaurus , McKinlay, Penny.
Shapes for lunch! , Reasoner, Charles.

Kids' Videos
Sing and dance with Barney [videorecording]
Dragon tales. Believe in yourself! [videorecording]
The Wiggles. Cold spaghetti western [videorecording]
Barney. Movin' and groovin' [videorecording]
Pokémon Johto League champions. Tea'd off [videorecording]
Scooby-Doo and the Loch Ness monster [videorecording] (Not a masterpiece but a much needed break from that bastard Barney)
A splash party, please [videorecording]
Scooby-Doo meets the Harlem Globetrotters [videorecording] (I wouldn't call this racist but I can't see anything like this made today)

From a Buick 8 [sound recording] , King, Stephen
Old time radio. Mysteries [sound recording]
Did I ever tell you how lucky you are? [sound recording], Seuss, Dr. (My son destroyed destroyed the tape so it looks like I'm buying the book)
Songs from The book of Pooh [sound recording]
Dragon tunes [sound recording] : [from Dragon Tales]

My Books
The Faber book of ballads
Mythology : a visual encyclopedia , Forty, Jo. (Accessible book of world myths, not simply Greek, Roman, or Norse)
The mammoth book of maneaters , MacCormick (I picked this up as a whim. Gory but entertaining)
Hulk/Wolverine : six hours , Jones, Bruce
How to hold a crocodile
Y : the last man , Vaughan, Brian K.
Neil Gaiman's murder mysteries (I'd read the short story but, as a graphic novel, it's even more striking.)
The forms of poetry; a pocket dictionary of verse , Untermeyer, Louis

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