Saturday, October 16, 2004

Take That, Derwin!

Pharygula directs us to the Wall of Shame (Nine pages in all):

HOTTESTDIGGEDYDOGEVER : I should probably tell you that darwin is not the founder of evolution, satan was, he told eve at the garden that if she eat of the forbidden fruit that she would be as God, that’s where evo came from

BORN2Xs : two differe nt species could reproduce if they REALLY wanted to

boys_got_matches : i denie the evoltionist stand on contenental drift just like all geologists do

Grecham : incidently if i end up on your wall of shame - i’ll sue

EdibleEntity: my claims are valid and easy to understand once you free yourself from your prision of LOGIC

SoaringEagle® : evolution falls on its face when one considers the time factor..species just simply don’t have millions of years to evolve survival skills they would be wiped out before then. The quicker the evolution the better as in minutes not years.

Squack1 : How do darwinists explain the caribean explosion?

Trumpet57: If Noah didn’t cause the seashells to be mountins then how do u think the fishes got up there by walking on the fins or flying or what? And I’m not ignorent I just want to show if you can’t answer.

DarwinismInDecay: Cario, if the ape and man had a common ancestor, that makes the ape a COMMON ancestor by default

GarrettOmega : Perhaps the ark was larger on the inside than on the outise

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Ryan Markus Gibson said...

I just did a google search for my old msn username and I found this delightful site. I was GarrettOmega and I would like to point out that I was in fact making a sarcastic joke. As if someone would actually believe that...
Thanks for taking me out of context.