Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Beyond Canned Hunts

I found this through the Hoax Museum (who was unsure if it was legit) but supposedly Texas is acting to outlaw any real attempts of remote control hunting.

With only two exceptions, hunters I've known are responsible and genuinely care about pollution and other environmental issues. However, the idiot contingency responsible for canned hunts might make remote-controlled hunting a possibility. Sadly, otherwise responsible people have been backed in the corner to oppose laws restricting canned hunts. Charleston Heston strongly denounced them but worked against their ban, saying he was worried that once the laws went on the books, they could be expanded to include regular hunting. I see no reason to doubt Heston--it's the same concern that many groups have against banning partial birth abortion. I would hope that the NRA would draw the line with this.

If you remember Hunting for Bambi, a few years back, you might suspect this latest scheme is a fraud. We'll have to wait for what Snopes reports.

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