Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Worst Day Ever

I thought I was ready for class today (finishing up Sophocles and starting on Othello). When I went to make copies, the department's secretary told me that my daycare called and that my son was in the hospital. No further explanation.

On my way to school, I drive by the daycare and this morning I saw an ambulance and fire truck pulling out. They didn't have their lights on and I assumed it was "Fire and Emergency Safety Day" (which happens about every three weeks).

When I got ahold of someone from the daycare, she told me that he'd hit his head and was bleeding badly. I've taught since 1992 and never cancelled a class until this fall. I didn't notice my top speed but I remember seeing the speedometer at 110 going uphill on 275. I apologize for anyone I ran off the road.

He was playing in his bed when I found him. The cut wasn't very bad but would have required several stitches. The doctor was able to use a skin glue (as fate would have it, click here). The good news is that the glue doesn't hurt going on. The bad news (or more good news depending on POV) is that unlike stitches, the glue doesn't draw the skin back together, just coats over it. For the next five days, he'll have a big, bloody wound over his eyebrow that can't be bandaged.

I was going to cancel my night class but he seemed completely better. I probably should have cancelled it--I was too full of adrenaline to think straight. I'll need to bring strippers and beer to get good evaluations.

One sad thing that I have to admit is that I didn't think of anything fitting from Shakespeare or Sophocles (although it's probably better that I can't relate Oedipus to my personal life) but I thought of a quote from Batman: Year One. The crime boss of Gotham City, planning to kidnap Lt. Gordon's baby son, says something to the effect of "Being a father means never being free." With such an overwhelming sensation of dread, I can understand how so many people can vote and think as they do. It's like going to a new land where everything looks the same but is sharper, harder, and more painful. I'm not endorsing vasectomies but the feeling of helplessness is worse than anything I can think of.

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