Saturday, November 20, 2004

Cincinnati Superheroes

Via Pharyngula, a look at how superheroes would adapt to St. Paul.
I've thought of creating superheroes and horror movies set in Cincinnati. As noted with the St. Paul article, swinging from building to building would be limited to a few blocks. The biggest thing about Cincinnati heroes would be their attitudes.

"A bank robbery? No time for that! There's a NC-17 video on display on Vine Street!"

Villains would tie up heroes and heroines (always popular to the comic audience) and force them to watch People vs. Larry Flynt or drown them in vats of Skyline Chili. Mutants like the X-Men would face a charter amendment allowing discrimination based on species. Tight-fitting costumes would carry a third-degree misdemeanor.

I've been thinking about a horror movie, possibly based on Zombie Cult Massacre in which Cincinnati is infested with cannibalistic zombies but due to attacks of giant lizards on the West Coast, the government decides against sending in the Army. Tri-Staters go about their daily affairs, trying to ignore the zombies as best they can. Only a handful of people decide to do anything about the problem and they are regarded as nuts. It will probably never happen but it keeps me sane reading the news.

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