Saturday, March 05, 2005

The End

It looks like my sister-in-law won. She's having my niece medicated for nightmares, claiming that she imagines people were grabbing her in her sleep. She couldn't do this unless my niece goes along with it to some degree. No one knows what is going on--neither my wife or mother-in-law have can get through to talk to her anymore.

I'm virtually positive that she won't testify. From hearing stories from 241-KIDS, parents can get away with more than you would ever imagine but I can't see what they could do to make her go back to living in the same house as him. It's 579 days until she turns 18 but now I don't know if she'll do anything even then.

This Wednesday I paid for the book she checked out from the library when she was with us. I doubt if she still has it--her mom restricts what she watches and reads.

I've been expecting something like this so I don't feel as mad as I should. The whole idea of him getting away with it.

Part this happened because my mother-in-law had more health problems. It looked like she had a growth on her liver but now it might not be cancerous. Part of it was that we didn't pursue it hard enough. I didn't think we'd have to resort to so much. I still don't understand this. If my niece made one phone call (and she and her much younger sisters and brother are often left unattended), it would be over in her favor. If she talked to one of her teachers or even a neighbor, it would be over. I still don't see how she felt like she did just a few weeks ago into this. Potentially everything could turn out well but I don't think it will happen. Maybe she'll change again but this is like something out of Orwell.

I should feel worse but maybe it hasn't sunk in completely. It still seems like a lead-in to a bad joke. My class went fine today, at least from my prospective.

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