Saturday, March 26, 2005

Everyone's a Cannibal

Since I started working in the Kroger deli, I've come to terms with the fact that anyone who eats meat from an animal he or she hasn't personally killed and cleaned, is eating a certain percentage of human flesh (this is also true of many vegetarian products which contain even more human hair and skin).

Here's a case of it going a little too far (via Snopes).

Recently there was a federal report that 80% of meat-workers cut themselves to some degree. That's like saying 80% of men masturbate. Virtually everyone who works with meat is cut on a regular basis. I cut myself twice last Sunday and since I started working at least four other workers were so badly injured that they went to the hospital. None of the injuries was reported to OSHA so it's as if they never happened.

This seems disgusting but considering some of the other additives that finds itself into food, human flesh is at least a good source of protein.

UPDATE: Tangent from Cecil Adams

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