Saturday, January 07, 2006

Best and Worst CGI Movies

Some nerd's opinion.

I agree about Shark's Tale (although my wife bought the DVD and soundtrack). Dinosaur was an incredible disappointment--the first ten minutes before they start talking was fantastic but the dialogue between an iguanadon and a bunch of lemurs didn't work for me.

I've watched all of one Veggie Tale and wasn't impressed. My daughter did check out one of their CDs from the library and some of them were pretty decent. I've seen Antz and Polar Express at the library and decided against either.

All of Pixar's efforts--Toy Story & II, Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, Monster's Inc., and The Incredibles--were good to excellent. I felt a little let down by the second Shrek but the first was great. Ice Age was funny but the background animation looked cheap.

Incredibly cheap CGI movies made directly for toy products like Barbie and Hot Wheels are about as bad as you'd expect. The Hot Wheels movie doesn't even try to make sense, just shows cars zipping around on tracks.

The weirdest CGI movie I've seen is The Magic of Mozart. It basically shows letters of the alphabet with classical music. I'm not sure how educational it is but it puts Devilboy to sleep pretty quick.

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