Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Head in a Jar

Would I switch places with one of Futurama's heads in a jar? Today I would.

Fairly bad class tonight (when no one likes to read, poetry drags). One of the students left without her coat and four text books. Hello E-bay.

No news on Devilboy's test results. As of five o'clock p.m., they were officially late.

The Clermont Computer suddenly stopped letting me post comments on other blogs (and the comments I had! Oh, the comments I had!)

The biggest: my wife called and said, "There's been a car accident" (translated: "I pulled out in front of a car and totaled the Gallant.") She's okay but this is her fifth accident in ten years of driving--no, I'm not cool, she got her license late. No chance now of quitting the shit job.

I'm supposed to keep office hours for five more minutes but I think it's safe to pull out.

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