Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Xmas Presents

In the spirit of spending in excess, here's the list of Christmas presents for the Devil Spawn. We were supposed to only get seven presents for each of them but we kept winding up with extra for one of them and after trying to even it out, we bought a whole toy store.

Devil Step-daughter

Five-in-One Game Table - Converts to mini-pool, ping pong, and three other games. Currently unopened in the back of her closet

Clash of the Titans DVD

Latest Series of Unfortunate Events book, the Penultimate Peril - Great children's series.

Latest Artemis Fowl book - I hate this series but, then again, I'm old and fat.

Toy Octopus - Great for making Barbie into Chthulu. Actually used for mock Pokemon battles with sister.

King Kong DVD

"How to Draw" book

Toy turtle - More Pokemon fights.

Devil Bat DVD - Yeah, they can't all be Kong.

Five Brainteaser games

Glow in the Dark Dragon jigsaw puzzle


Little Women - Token classic novel.

Plug and Play Atari Pacman game

Bengals sweatshirt

Harry Potter poster

Acoustic Guitar - Surprisingly, no problems yet.


Simpson's Operation - Like the original but with Homer instead of the guy with the Moe haircut.

Lombre Pokemon figurine - See octopus and turtle.

Plastic battle axe and shield - Within 15 minutes, Devilboy broke the axe.

Plastic bug toy - More fights.

Pokemon DVD

Teen Titan trade paperback

Spidergirl trade paperback

Another Teen Titan trade paperback

Scooby doo book

Another Pokemon DVD

Rockem Sockem Robots - Currently on top of the kitchen cabinet after Devilboy went medieval on the red robot.

Yu-Gi-Oh Battle Blimp - When playing Pokemon isn't stupid enough.

Scooby Doo in "Where's My Mummy" DVD - Better than average Scooby mystery mainly due to--


the mummy turning out to be Velma.

Atomic Betty: Betty, Set, Go DVD - Better than Scooby cartoon show.

Anti-Alien Zap Gun - Fires easy to lose plastic disks.

My Pretty Pony Pegasus

Plush Unicorn

Plastic lump of coal with plastic Pokemon figurine inside

Dora the Explorer book

Play exercise equipment

Pixter computer learning-game

Pixter Teen Titans game

Pixter Scooby Doo game

Dora the Explorer costume jewelry

Chef outfit - Announced that she hated it, making her mother very angry.


Set of coal cars - Toy cars inside of plastic lumps of coal

Hot Wheel race track

Jaws monster truck

King Kong talking book

Giant "We Will Rock You" car

Model motorcycle

Toy tool kit

Remote control car

Toy bulldozer

Toy jets - Already broke seven out of twelve within 24 hours.

Another model motorcycle

Book about tractors

Remote control jet

Remote control silver convertible - Broke control, now just really expensive rolling toy.

Toy chainsaw - Yes, I'm tempting fate.

Toy helicopter with parachuter

Set of racing cars

Ray gun with six sound effects

Model Air Force jet, Army tank, and Navy patrol boat


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