Thursday, January 12, 2006

Functionally Illiterate

After the last couple of "stupid" posts, I came up with another observation.

I was in the Kroger break room with a guy who worked in general groceries. After the standard "I don't see how you can stand it in Deli," he told me about some of the worst workers in his department. One of them was impossible to work with because he was illiterate.


"He doesn't even know numbers."

That has to be some sort of mental disorder. How could you drive without being able to recognize the speed limit signs? (Maybe it's just an act or the guy I was talking to was exaggerating.)

But in my ENG 103 class, I ask students to list their favorite stories and this time over half said, "None. I don't read."

Okay, some might not have wanted to admit they love Jonathan Livingston Seagull but a good bulk of them really seem to be telling the truth. When I ask about movies, most don't watch anything but Adam Sandler and American Pie.

I constantly wonder--what the hell do you do all day? Doesn't nothing but beer and video games get old after a while? Not all of these students are kids--some are older than I am. Most of them are nice people but I can't help wondering.

I don't read as much as I'd like to but I can't imagine never picking up a book.

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