Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Latest Stupid Thing

I'd love to blame it on muscle relaxants or anti-inflammatory meds but it was just plain dumb. Leaving the library, I loaded Devilboy and -girl in the car and put the books up on the luggage rack.

That triggered a bad memory of driving off with books still up there and having them scatter around the parking lot. "Boy," I thought, "I'll never do that again."

So, I'm driving down Five Mile Road and hear flap-flap-flap-flap. I had to circle around and pick up five of the six books from the middle of the road (speed limit: 50 mph). One actually stayed on the luggage rack for almost a half a mile. Two were damaged but the others were okay.

The bad thing was that the book that was hurt the most was one that I'd put on reserve for my poetry/mythology project and it turned out it was a book I'd already used.

Did I mention I scored a ten out of ten in Eighth Grade math?

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