Thursday, February 02, 2006

Strange News

We had Devilgirl's birthday party in the play area of the local McDonalds (yes, how very classy). Doctors should bus in patients who are considering vasectomies. They'd make a mint.

I learned that one of my cousins who has been in legal trouble in the past was arrested for gun and drug charges. A SWAT team broke down his door and found cocaine and $5,000 in cash. They broke the drywall in one of the rooms and found a stash of rifles. I googled for a news story about him but couldn't find any. I hope this is a joke but, if so, they told me an elaborate story.

Over the last few weeks I've heard a little more about my niece who had initially pressed charges against her stepfather for sexual abuse. After she stopped working with the police and prosecution, he was able to plea bargain so that he received probation but no jail time. Now my sister-in-law is both pregnant and wants a divorce. He claimed that he has hit her but she must be eight inches taller and fifty pounds heavier (while not pregnant) than he is. This sounds like Jerry Springer on a sweeps week but again I wonder how distorted the whole situation is.

At least Devilgirl had a great time at her party. I bought her two Superfriends vs. the Legion of Doom DVDs which are even stupider than I remembered them.

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