Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Make Your Life Easy By Not Thinking

The following comes from today's Enquirer:

Some folks think the treatment of jailed terrorists should come under the rules of the Geneva Convention or U.S. law. Last time I checked, Geneva Convention rules only apply to prisoners wearing a uniform of a country at war. People who mistreated terrorist prisoners will be dealt with and punished. Pictures I will remember are those showing Americans jumping from the burning twin towers, coupled with the brave firefighters and police going into those towers.

Edward Lameier, Cheviot

In a sense he's right in that the First and Second Geneva Conventions (plural, Mr. Lameier) deal with soldiers and sailors. However the Fourth Convention, which Lameier apparently did not check, concerns civilians.

It doesn't surprise me that Lameier would write a letter without knowing the slightest thing about his subject. It doesn't surprise me that he tries to change the subject to September 11th despite the fact that Iraq was in no way involved.

It does surprise me that the Enquirer would print this letter without mentioning that it's wrong. Before the day is over, thousands of readers will parrot this "fact" in their defense of the abuse. After Pete Bronson's "Beagle in the Blender" argument against evolution, I guess I shouldn't expect much from them.

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