Monday, May 03, 2004

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

I was scanning through the radio when I heard the author of the Sorority book that I mentioned a few weeks back. She was on WLW (and yes it made me feel unclean) but I listened anyway. I was just putting the car in park when I heard the reason that anti-racist and -elitist remarks appeared on Clear Channel's flag ship station.

The host brought up the pictures of the Iraqi POWs and mentioned that it was more or less just like fraternity (and maybe sorority) hazing. In fairness he did admit to a few differences but essentially he thought it was all the same thing.

Okay, even if a fraternity would do something like that (and I'm not putting it beyond Texas chapters), it would seem the voluntary nature of pledges putting themselves such a position might be significant (and I'm not condoning hazing but I rather be hazed at a frat house than tortured in a POW camp).

Plus, pledges know when pledging is over, nobody is threatening them with guns (okay, again maybe not in Texas), and enough other reasons that Blogger would crash. I can't believe I need to argue the point. I shouldn't be surprised that someone brought up the argument in the first place but I certainly was.

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