Tuesday, May 11, 2004

More Books

Yeah, it's been out forever but I finally found a copy of Bill Maher's When You Ride Alone You Ride with bin Laden.

Undoubtedly you've heard enough about it already but here's a few of Maher's points:

"We don't deserve to laugh [at Reefer Madness], because nothing has changed."

"I could never be a politician for many reasons; one of them is, I like to change my mind." Personally, I hate to change my mind but I wind up doing it every three seconds or so. One of these years I'm going to finish a 75 page post on the death penalty, featuring my repeated flip-flopping.

"Bill Clinton may have been an evil man who likes the ladies, but he sure got it that ignorant disengagement [over terrorism] was not an option in the 21st century." If there's a hell, Clinton's heading for it. To his credit, he killed thousands of Arabs who had nothing to do with the terrorist bombing they were blamed for without shredding the constitution.

I was surprised to see that Ann Coulter has a blurb on the back cover: "Bill Maher loves America, hates conventional thinking, and, despite his curmudgeonly image, has a heart of gold." I have to wonder what kind of pictures he has on her.

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