Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Latest Crap Story

As a follow-up to my co-worker who cut off the chunk of her thumb, the day after that happened the same manager who was more concerned about her customer than her injury, accused her of stealing a bottle of fruit juice. There was no evidence of this but she still got a stern talking-to in the meat cooler. I'm scheduled to work tomorrow night--I'm not sure if she'll still be there.

But the latest idiocy in my life was that the bank sent me a letter threatening to foreclose on our mortgage. In hindsight, I'd made the stupid decision to pay with a money order (my wife shares the account and has been known to cause major payments to bounce) and pay at the deposit box after hours. They claimed they never received it.

If it had been a check, I could have just canceled it and wrote out another but I had to contact the money order company, have them put out a trace, only to find that it had not been cashed and that it would take a fee and a longer wait than the bank was allowing me to refund it.

This afternoon I gave up talking to the bank on the phone and went in with Devilboy and Devilgirl in hyper-want-to-go-swimming mode. D-boy screamed the whole time but after a half hour, the payment envelope reappeared. I hope this is the end of it but I know I'll be on the phone with them tomorrow.

Tomorrow is D-boy's third birthday which added to the whole frantic mess.

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