Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What is a Troll?

I felt a little bad for Joe, not knowing that he's a troll and all. What is a troll? Are you a troll? Find out here: Cecil Adams defines "troll."

In Joe's defense, a troll isn't always wrong with his opinions (although perhaps Joe isn't the best example of this) but is wrong in motivation. Going to a Holocaust denier's web page or the Free Republic and making sensible comments just to get a reaction really doesn't accomplish much. Unless I know the web master or the material is presented on a professional forum, I don't see the point at sniping at much (then again, maybe this has to do with not being a virgin living in my parents' basement).

Is anyone out there a closet troll? (Joe: your opinions are baseless; there is no reason for you to respond.) Do you comment on pages you disagree with simply to stir the pot? Isn't there enough quality porn on the Internet that you could find something more productive?

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