Friday, July 15, 2005

Triumphs of Management

The latest news from the deli is so bizarre that I'm using my broken-down home computer to post it instead of waiting until I get to NKU. If anyone could volunteer to be an undercover blog reporter to get more information, I would deeply appreciate it.

On Tuesday night the newest deli worker, a 41-year old woman named Bonnie, began to have trouble standing. She went in the back of the deli to rest but collapsed. The other workers called 911 and she was rushed to the hospital.

The other workers wanted to check her condition so Robyn, the one in charge, went to the manager to ask which hospital she'd been admitted to.

The manager, whom I will call Ms. L., said, quote: "She didn't make it. But don't go back and tell them that."

Robyn refused to even pretend to go along with it so Ms. L. grudgingly walked over to the deli to tell the others that Bonnie, again quote, "didn't make it." She then said that the deli was to remain open because, quote, "You have a job to do."

They closed anyway which normally would have been a big deal. Surprisingly to me, no customers made an issue of it.

Management put up a small notice near the time clocks saying that Bonnie had "passed on" but none of the details. Last fall when another worker in the deli died of cancer, they didn't acknowledge her so I'm assuming this is rumor-control. The notice has been heavily edited by hand by both workers and management and if anyone has a digital camera and could post the evolution of the changes, I am willing to compensate. (The time clocks are to the right of the entrance, between customer service and the restrooms.)

If anyone has the time to do this, I would love to hear what management would say if asked about the situation. If you're near Anderson, go to the customer service counter and say, "I couldn't help but see the notice by the time clocks. I used to know her [or insert plausible explanation of your own]; what happened?" I would love to hear what they'd say.

Finally Bonnie's funeral is on Monday, July 18 in Batavia Ohio if anyone wants to pay respects. I didn't think to get much more information last night but I'll try tonight.

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