Sunday, February 22, 2004

God of Evolution

Creationists often claim that "Darwin said that men come from monkeys." Not really but why waste time arguing?

The Macouas People of Africa did believe this. Muluku, their chief god created the world and all within it. Like many African creators, he wasn't satisfied with his work ( notes that African creation stories contain many sad shakings of heads.)

Muluku tried to give tools to his version of Adam and Eve but they were too dense to use them. In frustration, he said, "Even a monkey could use these," and gave them to monkeys to prove his point.

When the monkeys did indeed use the tools properly, Muluku sighed, took the tails off of them and put them on the humans, making men into animals and animals into men.

There's no mention how well the Macoua take to evolution but it sounds like a good graduate thesis.

(from Turner and Coulter's Dictionary of Ancient Deities)

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