Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Top Grossing Movies II

Not as great as 1-10 but not nearly as bad as I would have imagined. SF and Fantasy still dominate:

11 The Lion King $328,539,505 1994
12 Harry Potter and the S.S. $317,557,891 2001
13 The Fellowship of the Ring $314,776,170 2001
14 Attack of the Clones $310,675,583 2002
15 Return of the Jedi $309,205,079 1983
16 Independence Day $306,169,255 1996
17 Pirates of the Caribbean $305,411,224 2003
18 The Sixth Sense $293,506,292 1999
19 The Empire Strikes Back $290,271,960 1980
20 Home Alone $285,761,243 1990

Yep, I've seen The Lion King and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone a few times. Honestly, it must be close to 100 times for each. I find it hard to be objective.

I wasn't even going to see Fellowship of the Ring but I got in a fight with my wife and wanted an excuse to stay out for a while. I'm very glad I did.

Well, Bob Dole liked Independence Day. Not much of an intelligent plot but it blowed up things real good.

Pirate of the Caribbean: I wasn't expecting much but it was better than any other movie made from a Disney World attraction. And it's nice to see that poor Orlando Bloom get a paycheck.

I didn't see The Sixth Sense until somebody told me the secret and ruined it for me. I would have never have guessed Bruce Willis was really a woman.

Home Alone is still in the top 20? I used to hate seeing Macaulay Culkin movies spring up every six minutes but now it's hard not to pity him.

Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Attack of the Clones. Clones is the only movie of the top 20 that I haven't seen. One Jar Jar movie is plenty. Not that the Ewoks were much better. Still Empire Strikes Back forgives a lot.

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