Monday, February 09, 2004

I didn't mean to make this blog a vent for kids' shows but I'm rolling.

Gregory pointed out that the Pokemon game is pretty enjoyable. Actually most adults I know (including a few who have never played a Gameboy until they had kids) love the Pokemon Gameboy games (my wife has all but one version). I have no beef with the games, books, toys, or anything but the movies.

I'm not even sure if the Pokemon movie really would be so awful on one viewing. It's just whenever my stepdaughter did well in school and earned t.v. time, she picked Pokemon. Some movies can hold up to repeated viewings. Pokemon, uh, didn't.

(Also in fairness, the second movie--again bought by my wife--was much better than the first. Or maybe I've just seen it fewer times.)

Now my step-daughter is on a Harry Potter kick. While I was never a huge fan of the movies, they never came close to Care Bear levels. My wife (and I never really analyzed her behavior prior to this blog) also loves Harry Potter.

They've watched the first and second movie back to back twice in one day. I remember several weeks when they watched both movies at least three times a piece. I walk the dog a lot during these periods.

Just so I don't throw myself in the fundamentalist camp, I'm not condemning Harry just yet but the third movie is coming out soon. I'm very worried.

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