Thursday, January 13, 2005


The saga continues while the defense delays. My sister-in-law has been trying everything to make my niece recant and it's highly likely that this will buy her the time she needs.

Children's Services haven't done much and my niece actually refused to talk to them when they tried to meet with her at her school. I don't expect much at this point.

I was trying to wait until the trial until giving out more particulars but here's some of the background. A while back I posted about relatives who had a house of abused, psychotic cats. A couple of people understandably wondered if I was joking. This group is far beyond that. If you can imagine Larry Flynt producing a sketch comedy skit about trailer trash, you're probably still not reaching their level.

My sister-in-law had the niece in question from a list of suspects. She told my niece that her father is dead but to say the least there are doubts. Years (and many stories) later, she married a toothless and presently unemployed gentleman. During this period, my niece frequently "walked into doors." One of the forms of discipline that they openly admitted to was sitting on her chest "to settle her down" (which under the Ohio Revised Code appears to be legal).

Two daughters later, my nearly 40-year old sister-in-law met a graduate of the class of 98. She divorced husband number 1 but after a few years allowed him to move back to their two-room apartment, essentially as a nanny. Husband number 2 produced a son who is now little more than a year old and already has had a skull fracture.

Sis-in-law claims to be a good Christian while never going to church or anything that might be associated with religion other than refusing to let her kids have trick-or-treat on Halloween or read Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling is out but she listens to heavy metal (the only subject she or husband number 1 seemed to know anything about was the history of KISS, although he seriously thought Spinal Tap was a real documentary). As I mentioned before, Bush wasn't enough for her. She's behind Buchanan.

Before the Matrix or the Truman Show, I came up with the idea that reality as we know it is a construct of a more advanced race. They made this world as a place to house their insane or mentally retarded. Every so often, they create situations meant to challenge the inmates to advance to the point of leaving the asylum. When people seem to die here, it really means that they've moved to the true reality. I wanted to make this a story but I'm to the point of preaching it on the streets. All this is just an incentive to leave the nest. There's a reason for everything.

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