Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Terminal

Does a movie exist that is worse than The Terminal? Why do people watch movies like this (I did because my wife turned it on and my dog didn't want to be walked in the rain).

If I took a piece of cardboard and spraypainted "Cute/Funny Guy" and smacked it against another one labeled "Empty Authority Figure," I'd achieve thousands of times the artistic merit as Hankberg. In Spiderman 2,Dr. Octopus is far more complex and multi-faceted than the characters in The Terminal. Even The Exorcist isn't so explicit in establishing "I-am-the-good-character" and "I-am-the-bad-character" moments.

My daughter has watched the same Pokemon DVD for a week. I'd rather watch that continuously for the next three years than hear Tom Hanks give his pseudo-Russian impression.

On the other hand, I'm glad I had to listen to it because it took my mind off of everything else.

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