Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Still in Limbo

All at once we came into some unexpected money and my wife has a potential job offer for Chicago. I had the thought of bribing my sister-in-law into temporary custody, moving to a blue state, and even if she reneged, it would be tied up in court for longer than the 627 days until my niece's birthday. I doubt if it would work. Apparently my niece made a remark about not being able to wait to move out and her mom is taking it out on her.

Strange new twist to the story is that she isn't going to the Christian Academy as planned (tuition was too high). Incidents where she wasn't allowed to talk to Children's Services at school happened in the local public school. My mom and my aunt are retired from Cincinnati Public, I have another aunt still teaching there, I substitute taught and attended, and for all CPS's faults, it would never allow something like that. Either there's more to the story than I've heard or the administration is stupid beyond words.

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