Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Library List

Why are the libraries looking empty? Because I've got all their stuff. Hit the "50 items checked out" mark.

Kids’ Books
Truck Duck Rex, Michael.
The Crayola rainbow colors book Yoon, Salina.
What are you doing, Maisy? Cousins, Lucy.
Maisy cleans up Cousins, Lucy.
Where are you going, Maisy? Cousins, Lucy.
Smile, Maisy! Cousins, Lucy
Maisy loves you Cousins, Lucy. (Yeah, they like Maisy)
The hidden alphabet Seeger, Laura Vaccaro.
A Muggle's guide to the wizard : exploring the Harry Potter universe Boyle, Fionna.
Scooby-doo! in jungle jeopardy McCann, Jesse Leon.
Blue's checkup Albee, Sarah
Electric shock showdown Muldrow, Diane.
I want to be in the show! Smith, Michael T.
Spider-man 2 : the official comic adaptation Aguirre-Sacasa, Roberto.
Little cloud Carle, Eric.
Peter Parker, Spider-Man. Vol. 4. Trials & tribulations Jenkins, Paul.
Bob's busy wrench Thorpe, Kiki.
How kind! Murphy, Mary,
Apple farmer Annie Wellington, Monica.
Colors everywhere Hoban, Tana.
Barbie a b c. Knowles, Rebecca.
ABC NYC : a book about seeing New York City Dugan, Joanne

Kids’ Videos
Pokémon: Circuit to the Johto League champion [videorecording]
What's new Scooby-Doo?. Volume 2, Safari, so goodi! [videorecording]
LeapFrog presents the letter factory [videorecording]
The Wiggles. Wiggle time [videorecording]
The Wiggles. Wiggly, wiggly Christmas [videorecording]
The Wiggles. Toot toot! [videorecording]
The talking words factory [videorecording]

Kids’ CDs
A playdate with Blue [sound recording]
Veggie rocks! [sound recording ] (Yes, she picked out Veggie Tales--hasn't listened to it yet)
Shark tale [sound recording]
Infinity [sound recording] Trout Fishing in America (Musical group)
Universe of song. [sound recording] Del Rey, Maria.

My Books
The Salmon of Doubt : hitchhiking the galaxy one last time Adams, Douglas (Never read it before. I was hoping for more but it's better than nothing.)
Haunted Ohio III : still more ghostly tales from the Buckeye State Woodyard, Chris. (Quote for book I might never finish writing)
Why big fierce animals are rare : an ecologist's perspective Colinvaux, Paul A., Meridian (Quote for another book but I actually like this one)
Why do some shoes squeak? And 568 other popular questions answered Stimpson, George W.,
The mythology of North America Bierhorst, John.
Heroes, monsters, and other worlds from Russian mythology Warner, Elizabeth
The illustrated encyclopedia of dinosaurs Norman, David,
Mythology of the British Isles Ashe, Geoffrey.
Strange angel : the otherworldly life of rocket scientist John Whiteside Parsons Pendle, George (I'll have to post on this one soon)
Superman, Batman : public enemies Loeb, Jeph.
What they didn't teach you about the Civil War Wright, Mike,
Superman : no limits!
JLA. World War III Morrison, Grant.
Nightmare of ecstasy : the life and art of Edward D. Wood, Jr Grey, Rudolph (Just glanced through it but looks good so far)

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