Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Midweek Update

My stepdaughter was off of school this week which explains why I couldn't post yesterday. Her mom hardly ever lets her play video games during the school year so she was on Cartoon Network, playing Teen Titans for hours. She's also been cleaning the library out of comic book compilations--she might be the first girl to go to a comic book convention.

She also made honor roll so I'm giving her first dibs on the computer. (And to any trolls: the computer is in the living room so she isn't making illicit web pages of herself.)

Devilboy was up all last night with stomach problems. He was groggy for the home visitation from Forest Hills but I'm hoping he'll be more awake tomorrow when we go in for his observation.

If anyone remembers the situation with my niece, apparently time is standing still in Clinton County. The court case keeps getting delayed and she wants to just let time run out until her 18th birthday. I don't know if that's the best decision but I'm not in her shoes.

Oh, and my dog has lots of fleas. He's going to need a bath with the special shampoo and will probably bite at least one of my arms off.

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