Saturday, March 18, 2006

Finally Another Post

This will make the fourth day I contributed something this March. The archives will look a tad bit hungry.

In the past week I've put together three bookcases, one of which collapsed and was completely destroyed. The other two turned out fine. I could finally unpack the rest of my books.

I had to change the locks twice. The first time I used a Schlage lock which is heavy-duty and tough to force. I know this because the first time I went out and locked the door, when I tried to get back inside it wouldn't open. I went to Lowes and bought a new lock and a crow-bar sized screwdriver, and even with the key seeming to tumble, it took about 15 minutes to tear the lock (and part of the door) apart.

It turned out it wasn't Schlage's fault--for the first time, the catch in the door knob jammed, forcing me to bust that loose as well. The Schlage had worked perfectly all along, I just didn't consider that the problem was the door knob. After seven years of working without a hitch, what are the odds of it jamming the first time I used a new deadbolt?

I replaced the lock and door knob with Kwiki-Lock. Kwiki-Locks ought to have a label saying, "If you majored in English, this is the hardware for you."

Now the door of the shower is acting up. Curtains sound pretty good.

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