Saturday, February 19, 2005


I hate to admit it but I really don't want to grade papers right now.

For a long time it seemed that Roger Ebert was going mellow in his old age, giving fuzzy reviews to even the worst of movies. He redeems himself with this one.

He raises a good point about Catholics and demons. Even in movies that seem against the church (like Stigmata), you never see supernatural forces giving a damn about Methodists, Mormons, or Unitarians. I'm surprised that the nuts who think that Jews control the media don't have theories about the Vatican sneaking messages into horror movies.

Update: Here's a list of cartoon laws from Ebert's review of The Son of the Mask. He's out for blood today.

Udate II: If Michael Medved and Rush have already ruined the ending of Million Dollar Baby for you, here's Ebert's response.

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