Thursday, February 24, 2005

My Lame Life

Remember the student who was offended by "A Rose for Emily"? For the last assignment, he wrote a paper on a Christian rock band. The paper was pretty good but he misidentified the Star of Bethlehem with the North Star. I wrote a note about it in the margin and he questioned me after class. Just when I was expecting a fight, he realized I was right and was apologetic and considerate. (Usually when students realize they're wrong, they get really nasty.)

Then I had two students, one in a local Fire Department, the other in the Army write papers about Ward Churchill. Both defended him farther than I would have.

I guess it shows the good and tolerance in the world but it makes for a boring blog.

The baby hamsters are just about big enough for their eyes to open. That's about the extent of things.

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