Saturday, February 26, 2005

Lame Updates

Good news: My mother-in-law's tumor is benign. Apparently medical practice in Clinton County operates differently than anywhere else on the planet but her situation is at the very least looking up.

Good news: The baby hamsters are doing well. They're eating solid food along with milk. Their eyes are just about ready to open.

Depressing news: My sister-in-law has isolated herself and my niece. She still has a library book that she checked out when she was here (Clinton County's library offers a wide variety of Left Behind and Harry Potter is the Anti-Christ books). She's not talking to Children's Services and seems like she's going along with her mother. The court case is in a few weeks but I'm starting to doubt if she'll testify. I still think that things will work out but I think that if she wanted a change of custody, she could have made it happen already by cooperating.

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