Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Work History

A few thousand years ago, Hegmo (I think) posted a bit about work history. I've done a lot of odd jobs but only listed the legal and taxable here.

Coney Island: 1984-85—Ran miniature golf, pedal boats, kiddie rides, and games; occasionally working in the parking lot, gift store, and food stand; 86-87—Lifeguard for waterslides and pool.

Cincinnati Recreation Commission: 1986-89—Lifeguard for Mt. Washington and Oakley pools and afterschool daycare for Mt. Washington and Oakley centers.

Cincinnati Zoo: 1990—Sold memberships for the summer. Horrible pay but free admission to the zoo.

Cincinnati Public Schools: 1991-92—Substitute teacher for Walnut Hills and Aiken. Easiest money ever, by just showing Driver Ed movies all day.

Snelling Personnel - Matrix Marketing: 1992—Gave 35 minute long ice cream surveys for a few weeks.

Snelling Personnel - RDI Marketing: 1992—Hospital surveys for about a week.

ManPower - Totes: 1992—Summer-long sock assembly line.

Clifton Magazine: 1992—Wrote profile article about public access television.

Re:Visions: 1992—Co-editor of a collection of essays used as text for Freshman English courses; made royalties on next year's edition.

University of Cincinnati, Arts and Science: 1992—First college class, back when Eng 101 was still called Freshman English.

ManPower - New Creative Enterprises: 1993—Worked in the returns section of a warehouse carrying novelty items. Mainly repackaged broken bird baths to send back to manufacturer. Stayed three weeks before getting job at Arnolds.

Arnold Printing: 1993—Worked printing presses. Left after the summer for NKU.

Northern Kentucky University: 1993-94; 2000-05—Taught Freshman Composition/College Writing (10 classes) , Intro. to Lit. (7), and Advanced College Writing (2).

University of Cincinnati University College: 1994—Two courses of Freshman English.

Snelling Personnel - Assistance in Marketing: 1994—Had to drive girlfriend to and from this job so started working there to save trips.

Snelling Personnel - Direct Marketing Research: 1994—Second girlfriend job. This one surveyed Dallas businesses. Stayed a few weeks on both places.

American Legal Publishing: 1994-02—Edited municipal codes for clients in 22 states. I'll probably do a post about this soon.

Coyotes Country: 1996—Videographed country line-dancing for Channel 5. Heard "Macarena" for the first time. Paid under the table so I probably shouldn't include it on the legit list.

University of Cincinnati, Raymond Walters College (1997-98): English 101, 102, and 103.

Southern Ohio College: 2003—Taught College Writing and Intro. to Lit. Pay was only about half of NKU's rate but classes only last four weeks.

Kroger: 2004-5—Slicing deli meat and cheese.

University of Cincinnati, Clermont College: 2004-5—Fourth UC college. Last quarter two Eng. 102. Currently two 103 and one 101. Next quarter two Eng. 102 again but at Anderson High School.

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