Saturday, February 05, 2005

General Stuff

Just finished Lit. class at NKU. We had a discussion of "A Rose for Emily," and with a student from Nigeria and one from South Africa, nobody was as offended as the feller from Clermont.

Got my daughter a hamster for her birthday. Two days later, my son pulled a ten-gallon aquarium off a dresser and shattered it. Fortunately it wasn't full (he'd killed the fish a few months back) but if he'd done it before her birthday, I wouldn't have risked a small pet.

My wife finally got Unemployment approved. She had a positive interview on Wednesday so she might have a new job before we get the first check.

We're trying to get my niece to spend a night a week away from the hell hole. Not much developing but every day is a step closer to freedom.

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