Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Latest Twist

My wife is starting her new job tomorrow. We're getting a big tax refund. The hamster hasn't eaten any of her babies.

Those of you who know outside the blogosphere know that my mom and my mother-in-law developed breast cancer about the same time (very bad news for my daughter). Initially it looked much worse for my mom but she's survived with no remaining problems. My mother-in-law has had one health problem after another, possibly due to the fact that she kept smoking several packs a day during treatment. If anybody wondered why I made such bitchy comments about smoking bans a few weeks ago, this was a contributing factor.

Today, one of her tests came up positive for cancer. It might be a false positive but she's been consistently unlucky with her medical history so far.

The only good possibility of this is that it might prod my sister-in-law into giving up custody of my niece. On the other hand, it might make matters even worse there as well.

I won't lie and say I didn't see this coming. Watching a cancer survivor chain-smoke is like seeing a slow-motion suicide. God knows I have an unhealthy life style but if I had a heart attack, I'd at least try to cut back on fatty foods. I wouldn't insult someone for suggesting I eat a healthier diet.

More as it comes but it looks like the next few weeks could get very ugly.

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