Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Killing Machine

I drove to class on Saturday a few minutes early and found a good parking space but as I began to watch to my office I realized that I'd left half of my papers at home.

I hurried home, grabbed the papers, and tried to make it back to campus on time. On 275, a little before the New Richmond exit, a deer jumped onto the highway. I swerved and slammed into the other deer following it.

I'd never hit a deer before and pulled off the road. My license plate was bent but nothing else seemed wrong. The deer didn't suffer long. I saw it sliding on the asphalt after the impact and its neck was flopping like Tim Krumrie's leg during the Bengals' last Superbowl appearance.

Years ago I hit a raccoon in a similar situation (swerved to miss one and hit the other) but never anything this big. Looking back, I should have called the police but I wasn't thinking straight (the deer slid off the side of the road).

If I hadn't forgotten the papers, it never would have happened. I suppose it could be worse (or even worse than that) but it did spoil the weekend.

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