Thursday, May 12, 2005

Poetic Forms

Here's a list of poetic forms and their corresponding figures from mythology. I didn't realize until I wrote it all out that Greek/Roman myths dominate the project. Anybody know any good obscure gods?

Abecedarian (aka Abecedarius; reference to Alphabestiary) [Multiple]
Acrostic for Antaeus (references to double, triple, and Poe's diagonal acrostics) [Greek/Roman]
Anacreontic Verse for the Acephali [Greek/Medieval]
Antiphon for Antigone [Greek/Roman2]
Anagram for Asterius (the Minotaur) [Greek/Roman3]

Bref Double for the Blemmae (reference to sonnet) [Medieval]
Bdelygmia of Briseis [Greek/Roman4]
Ballade of Bia (references to the double ballade, the double ballade supreme, and the double refrain ballade and the completely unrelated ballad) [Greek/Roman5]

Carmen Figuratum for Caca [Greek/Roman6]
Cthulhu's Complaint (references to lament) [Lovecraft]
Calligrame for Cerebus [Greek/Roman7]
Calligram for Circe [Greek/Roman8]
Clerihews for Chi Lung Wang and Chin Chia (possibly more) [Chinese]
Concrete Poem for Caenueus/Caenis [Greek/Roman9]

Dithyramb for Dagonet [Arthurian]
Descort for Dracula (aka logaoedic or ibycean form) [Modern]
Dirge of Dead Gods (reference to elegy) [multiple, mainly British/Celtic] unfinished
Dodoitsu from a Doppleganger (reference to haikus and other Japanese forms) [European]

Epistle to Evan Parker [Modern]
Epitaph for Erysichthon (reference to elegy) [Greek/Roman10]
Eclogue for Epona (reference to pastorial) [Celtic2] unfinished
Ethere for Ehecatl (reference to reverse and double etheres) [Aztec]

Flyting Between Fuath and Fachan [Scottish and Irish]
Forensics for Finn (references to Spanish pregunta, Japanese katauta and mondos, and Scottish Flyting) [Celtic3]
Fabliau of Frey and Fu-Ts'ang [Norse and Chinese2] unfinished
Found Poem for the Furies [Greek/Roman11]
Fourteener for Fafnir [Norse2]

Gargarensians' Georgics (references to idylls and pastorals) [Greek/Roman12]
Ghazal for Gilgamesh [Sumerian]
Goliardic Verse for Gucumatz [Mayan]
Gnomic Verses of Garm [Norse3]

Hendecasyllabic Verse for Hipponoos [Greek/Roman13]
Huitain for the Hecatoncheire (aka Monk's Tales Stanzas) [Greek/Roman14]
Hudibrastic Verse to a Harpy [Greek/Roman15]

Idyl for an Ichthyocentaur (references to eclogue, bucolic, and epics) [Medieval2]
Incantation for Ixquimilli [Aztec2]
In Memoriam Stanzas for Iphicles [Greek/Roman16]

A Jingle for Janus [Greek/Roman17]
Jingoism for Jurapari [Tupi (Brazilian)]
Jeremiad for Jinshin Uwo [Japanese]

Kommos for Kullervo [Finnish] Unfinished
Kyrielle for Kronus [Greek/Roman18]
Kunstmarchen for the Kraken (reference to Volksmarchen) [Medieval3]

Limericks (reference to madsongs) [Multiple]
Little Willies for Laius, Lara, and Lycurgus (reference to grues) [Greek/Roman19]
Luc Bat for a Lycanthrope [Universal]

Monody for a Manticore (reference to elegy) [Indian]
Macaronic Verse for Minos (references to limericks and Nudelverse (Noodle verse)) [Greek/Roman20]
Mondos for Macuilxochitl, Mictlantecuhtli, Modi, and Magni (reference to katautas) [Aztec3 and Norse4]

Nasher for Nakaa [Micronesian]
Nursery Rhymes for Nike, Nix, Nergal, et al (references to gnomic verse, nonsense rhymes, and old nursery rhymes including "A woman, a spaniel, and a walnut tree/The more you beat them the better they be." [Multiple]
A Nonet for Nessie [Scottish]

Ottava Rima for Orpheus [Greek/Roman21]
Obsequy for an Oxyrhynchus [Egyptian]
Ode to Ouroburus (references to Pindaric Ode, Horatian ode, English ode, and
palindrome) [Medieval4]

Palinode of Pellervoinen (reference to ode) [Finnish2]
A Pantoum for Pilate (reference to crambo poetry) [Roman/Christian]
Parody for the Peluda [Medieval5]

Quintet for Ques (reference to cinquain) [Greek/Roman22]
Qasida for Quinctius (Cincinnatus) [Roman]
Quatern for the Questing Beast [Arthurian2]

Riddles for Remus [Roman2]
Rondeau for Ragnarok (references to rondeau redoubled, rondel, rondel supreme, rondelet, and rondine) [Norse5]
Rispetto for Raiko [Japanese2] Unfinished
Rictameter for a Roc [Arabian]

Sijo for a Sphinx [Greek/Roman23]
A Sestina for Sisyphus [Greek/Roman24]
Sextilla for Sedna [Inuit]
Sonnets for Superman (variations of sonnets, including a crown of sonnets) [American]

Tyburn for Tarasque [French]
Than-bauks for T'ao T'ieh (reference to epigrams) [Chinese3]
A Terzanelle for Tantalus (references to villanelle and terza rima) [Greek/Roman25]
Triolet for Thoth (reference to villanelle) [Egyptian2]

Ushin Renga for Ursa Major (references to renga in general) [Greek/Roman26]
Uta for Ukemochi (references tanka) [Japanese3]
Ubi Sunt Uther Ben [Celtic4/Welsh]
Univocalic Verse for Urus (reference to lipogram) [Medieval6]

Vers Libre for a Vegetable Lamb [Medieval7]
Villancico for a Vishap [Armenian] Unfinished
A Villanelle for the Vouivre [French2] Unfinished
Virelay for Volupta [Greek/Roman27]
Verfremdungseffekt for Vainamoinen (reference to alienation effect) [Finnish3] Unfinished

Weltschmerz for the Windigo (not technically a form but a literary term) [Algonquin]
Whaitiri's Weltanschauung (not technically a form but a literary term) [Polynesian]
Waka for the Wooden Horse (reference to tanka) [Greek/Roman28]

Xeniens for Xanthus, Xochiquetzal, Xuthus, et al (references to distiches and epigrams) [Multiple]
Xenogamous Verse for Xenodice (made up form; references to ode, acrostic, and ottava rima) [Greek/Roman29]
X-Ray Poem for X the Unknown (reference to acrostic) [Modern]

Yuriwaka's Yarn [Greek-Japanese] unfinished
Yenga for Yggdrasil [Norse6]
Yueh-fu for the Yukionna [Japanese4]

Zejel for a Zombie [Haitian]
Zeugmatic verse for Zhang O, Zhong Kwei, and Zoroaster (made up form) [Chinese4 and Persian]
Zajal for Zagreus [Greek/Roman30]


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